Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Complete Haul

I thought I'd share the pictures of ALL the water bottle holders I made for the arts sale in July.  Many are still available for purchase!
 Extra large holders
 Medium size holders
 Bottled water sized holders (click on pictures for bigger view)
 Crocheted holders--these are very stretchy and fit a range of bottles.  Some are larger to begin with too.
 Crocheted tote bag
Neck coolers.  The three on the left have very pale patterns.

I really wish I had sold more at the sale.  They're so practical, especially for in the summer, when you're going to outside parties and don't want to lose your drink and you need two hands to carry your food :)
Although I count all finished items as "yarn out", I wonder how much yarn has actually LEFT my house, LOL.  Much seems to just get created into a different shape and stored in a different area!

Yarn In:  10 078gr
Yarn Out:  336gr + 5342gr = 5678gr
Balance:  4400gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $291.79/268 days = $1.09/day

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