Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yup, More Yarn In

With all the Hallowe'en shopping at Value Village, there was bound to be more yarn coming home. 

Five balls of Brilliant by Novita, 50gr each, 31% acrylic, 21% cotton, 19% wool, 17% nylon, 12% viscose.  How do you like that combo, LOL!  It's sort of  pale green with darker (but not dark) green slubs, sort of  bumpy, with a long halo that sort of shines.  I can totally picture the sweaters from the early 80s!  $4.50

A large, 200gr ball of "Sweety", a white DK yarn, with 80% acrylic, 10% mohair, and 10% wool.  A nice basic yarn, will look sweet as little pants and bonnets, or a blanket, or hat or scarf... Also $4.50.  It's "made in France" but I don't see a maker's name.

Next year, I might keep a total of how much of what I make actually leaves the house.  It was probably pretty good this year, as I've done so much custom work, but I did do a bunch of newborn hats that didn't go anywhere except the sale box.  It's not really yarn out, if the yarn is just transformed and moved to a new location within the house, LOL!

Yarn In:  12 507 + 450gr = 12 957gr
Yarn Out:  10 431gr
Balance:  2 526gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $9 + $249.29 = $258.29/305 days = $0.85/day

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