Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fairy Floss

I discovered buy and sell groups on Facebook.  There's also Freecycle type groups.  In one group, a woman had pink mohair she was giving away.  There were 4 balls, and a few of us interested.  This was on a Thursday and I knew I couldn't get out to her until Monday, but she was okay with that.  I was surprised when I picked up the bag and there were all four balls!  It's Newlands-Harding "Fairy Floss" in an adorable  pink, not cotton candy, not quite peachy, not really salmon.  A really nice vintage pink.  70% mohair, 30% Orlon, 2 oz each ball (56.7gr); 227gr total.  There's no yardage given, or even a gauge suggested.  I'm going to look in my old Newlands pattern books and see if there's any patterns for it!  The closest I can find to this yarn on is Fairy Floss by Lady Galt.  Lady Galt also made Kroy sock yarns.  Not sure if Lady Galt was bought by Newlands and then Newlands by Patons and Patons by'd be interesting to find out more history.  Galt, Ontario, was once it's own town and was amalgamated into Cambridge, in 1973.  Even all that is interesting on it's own!

Yarn In:  12 957gr + 227gr = 13 184gr
Yarn Out:  14 303gr
Balance:  1 119gr more used up than brought in
Costs:  $258.29/326 days = $0.79/day

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