Monday, November 04, 2013

Newborn Hat Collection

I think I'm not going to make items to "stock" my "store" anymore.  They just don't sell.  Photographers have ideas in mind, and want unique, custom items.  Such was the case with an order I received from the awesome Jenna.  She showed me inspiration pictures, I showed her yarns, and the order was created.  This is a fun process, and a little less stress-inducing than trying to replicate items exactly.

 Most of these were in her order, a few were just little bonuses.
 Top:  Taupe "Kiss" hat in Sirdar "Eternity" (14gr), preemie pixie bonnet from upcycled sweater yarn (41gr), beanie in Patons "Lace" (14gr), beanie in Patons "Decor" (15gr), kitty hat in Patons "Lace" (12gr).  Bottom:  Beanie in a blue mohair I don't recall at the moment (13gr), beanie in Bernat "Boucle" with brim in the upcycled yarn (17gr), and white "Butterfly" beanie (17gr).
 I was a little cautious about her request for this yarn in the "Kiss" hat.  I wasn't sure if the yarn texture would override the cable and ribbing.  In the end, I think it adds a nice soft touch.
 I'd been seeing beanies done in a plain yarn, with a textured edging, and gave it a whirl.  This was Bernat "Boucle", I think, and the upcycled yarn from a thrifted sweater.  I really liked this combo!
I wasn't sure on the sizing of the basic blue mohair beanie.  I was trying it on my newborn "head" and it just seemed a tad big.  So I thought I'd whip up one in Patons "Lace", since I love how the blue graduates.  However, because of the smaller gauge, this did not just get "whipped up".  LOL.  And, I wish I had started with a bit more light blue at the top.  But it's still adorable.

There was one more set, not in the picture.  A grey mohair pixie bonnet and pants.  I had issues with it, and it'll get it's own post!  Haven't yet gotten pictures from her with these hats, but I'm waiting! 

Yarn In:  12 957gr
Yarn Out:  143gr + 10 431 = 10 574gr
Balance:  2383gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $258.29/309 days = $0.84/day

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