Monday, December 16, 2013

A Red Head Walks into Value Village.....

.....don't tell me you've heard this one already?  LOL.

I'm still trying to get mobile blogging happening.  Got the pictures to work, by I can't change the order they appear.  Can't seem to add a label either....the labels box is there, but when I try to click on one, it just jumps around on the screen and I can't actually select it.  Onwards though.

Last week my husband and I were Christmas shopping in Value Village.  Yes, we're that kind of people.  We were looking for something specific, can't afford it new, don't need it for long, but want decent quality (I'll fill you in after Christmas!)....anyway, back in the furniture section, I noticed a couple bags of skeined yarn!  I looked and found a tag, it says Condon'sYarns, 100% wool, Charlottetown, PEI, and also 2pky Fine, 4oz/113.4gr.  I went over to the yarn section, and found some more.  I ended up with five bags, 10 skeins, 1134gr for $16.89.
This is NOT a soft merino!  It's the coarse wool people who don't know merino or BFL think of when they think of wool.  I will knit up a swatch at some point, and I hope it softens up, but I don't think it'll ever become merino.  I was picturing a fair isle sweater, but I don't know yet.

Yesterday, I mentioned going to pick up this iPad Mini.  Right next door is a yarn store, Soper Creek Yarn.  I couldn't turn that down.  I just picked up a few balls, mainly from clearance.  Left to right--Diamond Luxery Collection, "Footloose", Sirdar "Freya", more Footloose, and Regia "Snowflake".  We are loving petting the Footloose.  I am so in love with the turquoise/purpley one!  I'm going to email them and see if there's another hank.  And yes, I will drive all the way back to Bowmanville for one hank of this yarn!  What to make if there's no more?  All of this weighs in at 250gr for $29.32.

I had just delivered Christmas hats to a client, and she wanted another striped Christmas stocking hat, but when I got home, I found a message.  I had given her business cards and told her to take a look on my Facebook page.  She fell in love with the pink "Epic" hat that I just recently posted here.  Her granddaughter's favourite colour is purple, and she wanted one done in lilac/purple.  Yay!  Finally, I get to do one in those colours.  I immediately went to my stash...
...where I was sorely disappointed by my lack of interesting purple yarns.  I had actually just given away some lilac Astra DK, but really, I had very little in purples.  Even the white...I wanted to start the brim with white-white....and remember how I had trouble finding white-white for the snowman hat?  I had just finished what was left of that yarn on the brim of the hat I had delivered to her.  I have a cone of bright white with a bit of texture, and some bright white eyelash, but still needed a bit more white.
I did have that skein of purple mohair next to the white at the 1:00 position, and the grey fur at 3:00, and a light purple fake mohair...I actually went to Value Village first, and there were two mixed bags that had lilac yarns; those aren't in these pictures.  The two bags were $4.50 and weighed 241gr.

Uh, is that picture above sort of glistening/sparkling?  I don't know all the different settings on the iPad camera and I think I might have done something, LOL!!
At Michaels', I had a lot of fun picking out yarns.  The purples were actually fairly easy, although there were some I loved that had other colours in them too. Right now, it is REALLY difficult to find single colour, multi-textured/interesting yarns.  They blend so many colours into one skein now.  Even fun fur is challenging, Bernat Boa has a great dark plum/black eyelash, but it wasn't quite right.
All totalled, including the white and red for the new stocking hat, I spent $64.27.  Obviously, this is way more yarn than I need for the two hats (and I did have a 20% off entire order coupon, so I saved $13 with that!), but they will all be great additions to the stash.  All  11 116gr.  No way.  Got to double check that!  Okay, now I get 1216gr.  That seems more reasonable!  LOL!!

I do have some items to show soon!  My older daughter got a book for her birthday about felting and knitting/sewing....I set her up at the LK150 and she made a striped pillow that we felted.  Looks great!  I was really pleased when I weighed it and found it weighed exactly the same as the yarn I had just bought back then, but then I went and got all this yarn, LOL.  Also have the two Santa hats...what else?  Right now, I must get to work on the new order!!

Yarn In:  2841gr  + 13 312gr = 16 153gr
Yarn Out:  14 945gr
Balance:  1208gr more brought IN than out
Costs:  $114.98 + $263.93 = $378.91/351 days = $1.08/day

Hopefully I'll be back into the more OUT than in column when I post the recent finished items! about 100gr for a stocking quite...

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