Monday, December 30, 2013

Felting Fun

For her birthday, my middle girl, Lucy, got a book on different felting projects (from her grandmother!).  Some were needle felted, some knitted and felted, some recycled sweater type projects.  Lucy saw a striped pillow and realized she could do it on my knitting machine.  She didn't like the colours in the book, but chose her own from my Patons Classic Wool collection.  She kept the same repeating pattern (ie:  brown in the book became lime, orange was now black...).  The back of the pillow is solid lime, and was the first part.  She made it with no problems.  The pattern had you make front and back separately, but I suggested to keep on going.  The stripes caused a few dropped stitches at edges, and panic, but it all worked out.  The sizing in the pattern was interesting--the width before and after felting was about the same.  Normally there is some widthwise shrinkage.  She went out with her dad to buy some stuffing, and I sewed the sides (before felting). 

You can see that the white didn't felt much.  This is a common issue with white, as it's usually bleached.  It added a nice texture to the pillow, but probably not what you want for other items.  It's not a very big pillow, but it's cute on her bed!

I've got a few more felting projects of my own to show soon!

Yarn In:  16 153gr
Yarn Out:  128gr + 14 948gr = 15 076gr
Balance:  1077gr more brought IN, than out
Costs:  $378.91/365 days = $1.04/day

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