Sunday, February 23, 2014

What to Do?

Back around Christmas, I decided I wanted a cooler bathing suit cover up.  The one I had made a few years ago was good at covering me up, but it was a little warm in the Carribean.  This one would be more loose, but no too revealing, crocheted with an old yarn by Bouquet, called "Cindy" (80% acrylic, 20% wool).  Over the years I've gathered up a fair bit of it at Value Village, of course, not aLl in one dye lot.  I had made my mother in law a tank top years ago, but nothing for myself.  This time, I would!

I got started.  I wanted it not too open at the bottom, but the hdc I started with was taking too long.  Moved on to dc and a larger hook at some point.  It was moving along, I decreased the number of stitches for some simple shaping round the waist, and a smaller hook, or I changed to hdc, I don't remember for the belly zone.  Larger hook and dc or even tc for the next section?  Then I got that order for the beanie and cowl.

So, I didn't get this cover up finished.  Looking at it now, it seems like too much to bother with, I'm not sure I like the changing stitches.  I still like the yarn (wish it were a bit thicker though), and I still want it as a cover up.  I have some Mon Tricot stitch dictionaries but they use English terms and I get frustrated trying to convert.  I have had some crochet books out from the library with some stitches I might try.  They always seem either not lacey enough, or too lacey, or too complicated.  I'm not usually averse to ripping out failed projects, though there are quite a few small balls in this.  Ugh.

Even though I keep saying I need to work a season/holiday in advanced, I can never get into it.  This can be evidenced by the pile of pink hearts I crocheted before slicing my thumb on Feb 16.  Wait...I think this actually means I HAVE worked a year in advance LOL.

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