Monday, March 31, 2014

Busy Week

Do you ever have one of those weeks that just has a lot of added stuff?  Maybe it's cause I'm in a band, I don't know, but about once a month I have a week that seems to have extras like doctors appointments, kid home sick, concert, field trip, etc, all crammed together.  Last week was the week.

Now, I can breathe for a moment, but lots lined up over the next couple days too, knitting wise!  I still have to show all the little clovers I made for St Patrick's Day, and another pair of clogs, and an unfinished little chick and bunny, but other than that I've been slogging away at a pair of gloves....and spending way too much time on Facebook after finding a new group called "Vintage Whitby".  Whitby is where I grew up, and this group is for nostalgia purposes only.  Memory lane.  Very interesting, since some of the members are quite a bit older than me!  Hopefully, now that the group isn't brand new, it will slow down a bit.

So, check back in a few days after I get the pictures off the camera and finish the gloves LOL!

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