Thursday, March 20, 2014


My dad had been asking for  a knit headband for awhile.  After one more request, I decided it was probably time.  I have a lot of older knitting booklets, especially from Patons (and all their various forms).  I sent him a picture, and he approved it.

Often vintage patterns present unique challenges.  The yarns are rarely still available.  Thanks to Ravelry, it's often possible to at least find some info about them.  Sometimes, basic info isn't in the pattern, or it's outdated.  For this pattern, the needle size was given in the old Canadian or British way.  The yarn wasn't available, and the gauge was given for stockinette stitch, when the item was knit in garter stitch (and I assume, knit a little dense for warmth).  And there wasn't much of a size given.

I found a thick yarn and just got started.  I figured I could adjust as I went, or just re-do if it didn't work out.  It did though!  One strange thing.  The yarn, and old "craft" yarn, felt soft in the skein, but once knitted in garter stitch, it seemed to lose that softness!  I did a BAD job of grafting the start and finish, but I didn't expect him to wear it OVER his hair!  LOL.

I didn't weigh it before giving it to him, but when I got home, I weighed what was left, and basic math says 19gr was used up.  Hard to believe, but maths don't lie, do they?  :)

Yarn In: 1354gr
Yarn Out:  19gr + 790gr = 809gr
Balance: 545gr more brought IN than out

Cost: $53.75/79 days = $0.68/day

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