Monday, April 07, 2014

Bits and Bobs

After creating all those hearts, I got thinking about other small items.  At about 3gr of yarn each, they don't use much yarn, LOL, but the impact is pretty high.  I had thought last year, of creating a broach for each month.  Something that could go on a lapel, or hat, or even a purse, keychain, or rearview mirror.  Whatever.  My next item after the heart was shamrocks.  I gathered my green worsted weight yarns and started.  I found only one free crochet pattern (I just found another one, very similar though). 

I also tried it for a four leaf clover.  The kids declared it ho-hum and not worth the "extra" work.
All together, I made 6 clovers, though one seems to have disappeared (the one made in a different shade of green).  I'm not sure why the colour is funny in the picture above.  It was an emerald green.  Total weight...a whopping 8grams.

I was also getting into the Easter spirit, thinking I could actually start early.

I don't have much in the way of yellow and orange yarns.  This guy just needs an eye and the ends woven in.  I also made a white bunny, but I can't find the picture.  These two guys each weighed in at 0 grams.  Together, with the shamrocks, the total was 9 grams.  It'll take a long time to get through the stash making these LOL!

Yarn In:  1624gr
Yarn Out: 9gr + 809gr = 818gr
Balance: 806gr more brought IN than out
Cost:  $68.18/97 days = $0.70/day

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