Friday, April 11, 2014

Now For Something A Little Different

Just for fun, go ask your friendly local knitter if she'd make a pair of gloves for you.  She'll respond one of two ways:  go pale, avoid eye contact, and shuffle away, or start laughing uncontrollably.  I did go through a glove phase a couple years ago when I learned to use my ribber on my standard gauge machine.  I'm not fond of thicker gloves (did do a few pairs with worsted, years ago), so I thought doing them on the machine would be awesome.  Well, you still have a crazy number of ends to weave in!  One at  the start,  pinky tip, start of ring, middle, pointer and thumb, tip of pinky, ring, middle, pointer and thumb.  That's 11 ends to weave in, if you don't have any change of yarn anywhere.  And it's fiddling weaving in---between fingers, at the tips of narrow fingers...

A few years ago, my mom got a new winter coat, with two shades of "navy" and a dull yellow.  She had been trying to find some navy gloves, but nothing looked right.  I tried a few shades of navy that I had, but nothing looked right either.  I did however, have a couple balls of Patons Decor in a "maize" colour that looked good.  One of those odd colours--it's not beige, it's not yellow, it's not cream...I found a free pattern for gloves in worsted weight and got going.  The colour below is terribly off.  I'm not sure if it's the colour called "Aran" because it's much more yellow than what I think of for aran yarn.

Didn't swatch.  LOL.  I thought it was odd the pattern called for 3.25mm needles.  The pattern calls for alpaca though, which can be very lofty and knit with smaller needles.  Patons Decor...not so much.  I did the ribbing in the small needles, then gradually worked up to 4mm, maybe a 4.5mm (I was working two at once on one circular till I got to the fingers).  I thought the thistledown pattern would bulk up the backs of the hands, but I'm not sure, it's kind of hole-ly.

I got them in the mail last Friday, April  4, and although it's April, I knew they still had a lot of snow!  Haven't heard a response yet, but then again, I'd need to be home to hear the phone LOL!

Yarn In: 1624gr
Yarn Out:  75gr + 993gr = 1068gr
Balance:  556gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $68.18/1001days = $0.68/day

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