Tuesday, April 15, 2014


With a few projects at Christmas, I came to realize I really had no acrylic bright yellow or orange yarn.  You don't often need large amounts, but when you need it, it's kind of hard to substitute something else.  I just picked up 174gr skein of something that looks like Red Heart Super Saver in bright yellow, from Freecycle/Frugal Mommy.  I intend to make "Peeps", those strange, marshmallowy Easter treats, vaguely shaped like newborn chicks.  I found a couple free patterns on Ravelry, and started one, though I'm not happy with the pattern writing, or design...but I'm not done.  Other things are getting in the way.  Anyway I need to add the yarn to the totals.  And, I have other yarns to add, though it looks like I'll be returning some, so I'm going to wait on that.  Nothing new that's finished, though there's still a rose bonnet to post about. 

Yarn In: 174gr + 1624gr = 1798gr
Yarn Out: 1068gr
Balance:  730gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $68.18/105days = $0.65/day

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