Thursday, May 08, 2014

Come Back Soon!

I still have nothing  to show.  If you follow my facebook page, you've been seeing sneak peeks of the projects I'm working on.  If you follow my pinterest page, you've been seeing what else has been keeping me busy.  I'm working like crazy to finish up a large custom order and also small set for my neighbour that had a baby last week.  No, the baby wasn't a surprise.  I have no excuse.  Scary thing is, I thought, according to my gauge swatch (yes, I did one), that the sweater would be about 3-6 month size...but yet, it looks tiny.  Could be because I live in the land of giant kids, I don't know.  And, it's not turning out quite like I expected and I have to really refrain from ripping it out.  It's getting done, slowly but surely. 

I have bought yarn though.  Three balls of Patons Lace (85gr x 3=255gr)  in the pink/brown was on clearance (almost all the colours were) for $3.99/ball ($13.53) .  I have plans for a waterfall cardi for myself, but I don't know if it's too sweet and delicate.  I also bought 10 balls of Sirdar Snuggly DK ($62.15) for a custom order.  I have no plans to buy more yarn for awhile, and am staying out of the stores! 
Oh, good grief.  I'm trying to update my totals, and I see in my last post I suddenly started using yards.  I was wondering why I was doing that when the red cardi I have to show (and reknit) is from a yarn with no yardage...

Yarn In: 755gr + 3708gr = 4463gr
Yarn Out: 1068gr
Balance:  3395gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $75.70 + $264.92/128days = $2.07/day

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