Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Is It Summer Yet?

Here in southern Ontario, summer seemed to be taking forever.  Winter was very long, we often still had mitts on at the end of April, and there were some chilly days at the start of May.  We'd get one or two nice days, and then chilly again.  Now, we seem to have entered storm season--frequent threats of thunderstorms, sudden downpours, humidity, and even tornadoes.  I'm not sure what summer will be like, but I'm sure it will involve drinking water.  And what better way to do it than with a stylish water bottle holder?  Keep your hands free and never lose your water bottle again (okay, we won't mention how I hung my holder off the cup holder in the dark theater on our cruise, on the last morning while waiting disembarkment, and then forgot it...).

I recently found the water bottle holder on the far right in my "knitting junk drawer".  I pulled it out, and saw it only needed the strap sewn down (well, after pulling it out of the drawer, it needed a few more rows on the strap) and ends woven in!  Got it done, and all my in stock holders went for a photo shoot.  The holder on the right weighed in at 40gr.  Not a big user of yarn, but it can be a good stash buster.
I have posted pictures of all my in stock holders to Pinterest.   Please go have a look and consider following me.  I'd really appreciate it!

Yarn In: 4903gr
Yarn Out:  40gr + 1931gr = 1971gr
Balance: 2932 gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $284.07/176days = $1.61/day

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