Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Little Give Away

Some posted in a give-away group (like Freecycle, but on Facebook) that they were looking for baby wool.  I asked questions--baby wool, or baby yarn; what weight, colours--and found she had some Bernat Baby Softee.  I also had some so I offered it to her.  Gave away 243gr, a lilac ball with no label and a ball of a blue/green mix.

I looked at my numbers from this time last year.  I haven't bought as much yarn as last year, but I have spent more on that yarn.  I haven't had nearly the same output--down by about half.  Last year though, I was making more items to put in the "in stock" box, and I'm not really doing that this year.  Also, the photographer I worked with a lot in the beginning of TracyKM Designs has been using a lot of other prop makers, in a variety of styles.  I'll keep plugging away.  Hopefully if I just stay out of Michaels....

Yarn In:  5493gr
Yarn Out: 248gr + 2190gr = 2438gr
Balance: 3055gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $307.72/190days = $1.62/day

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