Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Frosty #2

I wasn't happy with the bear hat I made for Jenna.  Sure, it was cute, but I didn't like how it gaped around the forehead.  So, I made another one (26gr), the same design, but this time I decreased about 7 sts--two per row, every other row, centred at the top, before starting the ribbing.  I liked it much better, though I don't have a photo on my "newborn head".
She had also ordered a little romper (36gr).  I struggled with much of this.  Do you know how hard it is to find out how long a baby is from shoulder to crotch?  I finally asked in a Frugal Mommy group--someone always has a newborn in that group, LOL.  I could go measure some outfits in a store...but you don't know how they're intended to fit.  I still felt this looked a little loose.  Sometimes it's cute when babies are in clothes that are too big.  But I decided to make up a smaller one too.  Which now looks way too small.  It's not quite finished.

You'll also see another tiny bear.  Jenna messaged me to say her son had adopted the first one, and so she needed another one, and perhaps with brown features instead of black.  I tried that once years ago, on a big bear, and it looked odd.  However, I think I did okay on this one.  I also made up some scarves for him, using a variety of yarns, including yarns from other things I've knit for her!

 Just chillin' in the garden
 A bit of colour
And a little bath after his adventures!

Now I'm working on two little bunnies for Jenna, gifts for her nieces :)

Yarn In:   6160gr
Yarn Out:   17gr(bear) + 5gr(scarves) + 36gr + 26gr + 2655gr= 2739gr
Balance: 3421gr more brought IN than out
Cost:  $314.71/247 days = $1.27/day


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