Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Tale of Two Teddy Hoodies

I've written already about creating a Teddy hoodie and not having enough yarn.  Getting more yarn and getting it done, and the client saying she wants a different colour.  And crochet instead of knit.  Got going again, had the "not enough yarn" issue again.  So, what should have been a quick project ended up with, I think, FOUR trips to Michaels'.  And two hoodies.  In the end, she did love the one she got, so that's what matters!

First, the first knit version, with two toned ears, like she asked for:
This took 132gr of LionBrand Thick n Quick in Fisherman (and a bit of random dark brown).  The pattern had sizes 6-9 months, and 12-18 months, but the client wanted 10-15 months.  A little fudging of the numbers and voila!  This one is available to purchase, $25Cdn, + shipping.

Then I made her the crochet version, in a different yarn, with solid coloured ears.  Sigh.
 It's hard to get a nice picture of a slouchy hood!
Neither of these really show the colour.  It's "Cozy Wool" in Mushroom.
This is a better shot, though I used a filter to soften it a bit.  Oh, and what's that?  Yes, one of my new tags from Apple Melon Designs!  This crochet version of the hoodie took 176gr. That's 124.7yds, compared to the knitted one at 82.3yds.

I got another order for this colour, went and got the yarn (and yarn for more Toothless stuffies), and then the next day got orders for FIVE more little hoodies in Mushroom.  I went back to Michaels, and luckily it's on sale now, and cleaned out the shelf of Mushroom.  BTW, did you know I don't like mushrooms?  LOL!

Yarn In:  7547yd
Yarn Out:  132gr + 176gr + 3694gr = 4002gr
Balance:  3545gr MORE brought IN then out
Costs:  $394.48/293 days = $1.35/day 

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