Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Remember these Cookie A. socks I had worked so hard on?
Okay, searching for that picture and post....July 2011!  These sat in time-out for a long time!! 

I decided after I finished my last pair of socks that I would finally get these done.  I worked two at a time on one circular, and finally finished sometime this summer.  It wasn't a warm summer and I got to wear them right away.  Soooo soft!  Excuse the fact that these pictures are of worn, un-cleaned socks LOL.  If I waited any longer they might not get their pictures taken!

 For these ones, I did a few increases on the top of the foot, and the main increases on the bottom.  I don't follow any formula or pattern.  My foot is quite wide with a high arch.  I just keep trying it on and make sure it fits. 
 Then I do the "Fleegle" heel, which is just short rowing across the back of the heel, like doing a top down heel, and the short row turning at the bottom.  But in this case, you do the short rowing up as far as needed to get rid of all the extra stitches.
 Or, until it's back to the width you need.  However, I find for me, that doesn't make the heel section come up high enough.  So, I do a few more short rows at the top of the heel.  You can see in the picture above that I missed knitting one of the wraps.  The short row section at the top really doesn't bulge out like that--that one light section, combined with wind and shadows makes an optical illusion!

For the cuff, I did a picot cast off.  After trying a few other options.  I wanted something that would look good folded down too.  The simple picot cast off won.

These are so soft.  Not at all tight--even socks that don't feel snug tend to leave marks on my legs, but these ones are good.  The heel fits really well.  I'm so glad I got them finished and into my sock rotation!!

Yarn In:    7320gr
Yarn Out: 80gr + 3055gr = 3135gr
Balance: 4185gr more brought IN than out
Cost:  $385.45/274 days = $1.41/day

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Anonymous said...

Stricken is a yarn hog. I just barely made it with 390 yards and I was only knitting a size 7.5! My niece loves them: I only finished them because of her.