Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Wake Me When September Ends

Well, that month was not fun!  Back to school kicked my butt.  From getting moved from daily lunch superviser to "supply" supervisor, to big projects, to getting really sick....

Hopefully things are back on track.  I'm still on another week of antibiotics, and a puffer, but I'm feeling better every day.  Until I cough.  Or go to bed.

I've had a lack of finished projects lately because I've been working so much on a couple big projects.  And some projects just needed a finishing touch or three.  So, I'm expecting a big surge in finished items to show finally!

Let's start with these two.  Back in July, someone posted to a FB group that they wanted an animal hoodie, and posted a picture of several.  Of course, I had to chip in that I could do them.  Then, a woman (Sandra) who I've met through my business/Facebook also posted that she wanted these hoodies.  Sandra is a fun loving, hard working business woman and I knew I had to make her what she wanted.  She loved the pictures so much, she even tracked down the patterns, which she forwarded to me.  Conviniently, one of the patterns included the child size bear hoodie, which I knew I could also adapt for other animals, though I had an immediate request for a toddler sized one (the one I wrote about before, with the dyelot issue...).

Since Sandra has two dogs I knew she's probably out at night with them (and since "night" starts at like, 5pm, come winter, this wasn't too hard to imagine), I wanted to work in some Red Heart Reflective yarn. 

She opted for purple, which was great, and I combined it with another textured yarn on the spikes.

The cowl part took forever it seemed.  Soooo boring.  That part should be done in crochet!  Then I had to pick up for the hood, which wasn't too bad.  I had a few issues with button location.  The picture in the pattern shows a young child, with the cowl part pulled down over their shoulders.  I don't think this can happen with the adult sizes.  Then I had issues with the buttons.  I wanted the buttons to also be reflective!  I just happened to come across a Pinterest post of someone crocheting over a button, to make a flower, but I thought I could do that to cover the button.  I picked three ugly buttons from my stash, and finally, last night, crocheted over them and sewed them in place.  Getting pictures is not easy!

Where you see the silvery thread in the buttons, that is the reflective thread in the yarn.  It sort of shows up silvery in the middle picture.  Not enough to blind drivers, but enough to make them slow down and say "What is that?!" 

Yarn In: 6160gr
Yarn Out:   400gr+ 2655gr= 3055gr
Balance: 3105gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $314.71/268 days = $1.17/day

Ohhh...those totals are SO off...bought more yarn just after the last post, plus more today....

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