Friday, December 05, 2014

Matching Roars!

The teddy bear hooded cowls are so popular this fall.  I received one order in late summer for four--2 for 2 year olds, 2 for 5 year olds....then she added another 2 year old size.  I had already cleaned Michaels' out of Cozy Wool in Mushroom when I first got her order, so she was open to the 3rd small one being in a different colour.  When the time came though...I couldn't bring myself to use a different colour.  That's what led to that trip to Michaels' with the last "yarn in" report.  I wish more people liked the knitted versions of these cowls though--the crocheted ones take so much more yarn!

 I don't think I need to show photos of all five.  The only thing different is the smaller ones got a smaller button (but same design), and a smaller tag.
 Something I've started doing is leaving the very bottom of the back seam open.  I figure this will help it spread a bit around the neck, since there's no shaping in the cowl part.

I have two versions of the little tags.  The top one was the first mock up.  I like it, though Sandra thought it was perhaps too small of type.

This one has bigger type, closer to what I use in my cards/watermark/etc.  But without the "Designs", it feels a bit like a name tag to me.  What do you think?  I'm inclined to stick with the first one.  I also wasn't sure of the colour on this hood.  The yarn is a really cool taupe, and the gold tags seemed too bright, but the silver tags were wrong.  I had some small pink ones, but since the hood is unisex, I didn't want to go with pink.  I think I might need some other colour of tags :)

I carefully wrote the weights of each one down, since the two larger ones were just slightly different sizes.  And now can't find that sheet.  I do know that it took nearly every yard I had, and what was left wasn't enough to get two matching ears from any of the leftover bits (the dyelots got mixed up with the little bobbins left over).  I do know that I bought 8 balls x 127gr = 1016gr, and I'm going to be generous to myself and count it as a neat 1000gr.  The kids often take my yarn for projects, or I use bits for things, and there's always all the ends that get  trimmed off and aren't accounted for :)

Yarn In:  9363gr
Yarn Out:  1000gr + 5669gr = 6669gr
Balance: 2694gr  MORE brought IN then out
Costs:   $482.20/333 days = $1.45/days 

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