Thursday, December 18, 2014

No Pictures...

I'm aiming to keep my yarn totals up to date, and then I can add pictures later.  I have 3 bunnies that need faces and tails, and I'm working on a Dalmatian puppy to go with that order, so I'll have pictures soon.

Meanwhile....way back in early summer, Megan realized there wasn't any point trying to finish knitting the felted walkie-talkie bag for the cruise we went on last January.  So, she wanted to start something new, because Lucy was working on knitting a cat.  So I got Megan started on knitting a dishcloth--the old fashioned, diagonally knit one.  She made a great start (though not perfect!), and planned to give it to her aunt when we met up for camp at the beginning of August.  She thought she'd knit all the way there and have it done.  Well, no.  She finally finished it last week or so.  It's great that she actually finished something.  She is the princess of unfinished projects.  It weighs a lowly 16 gr.  It's not big, and it wasn't with Handicrafter cotton, it was Bernat Cot'n'Tots, I think--an unplied cotton with a wrap.  So, my plans of her knitting dishcloths to use up my cotton stash?  Ummm.  Yeah.

The cat weighs 40gr.  Again, not a huge stash buster.  She said she wanted to knit every cat in the book.  Well, I'm not so sure that's going to happen.

Lucy has also started making scarves.   The first one was an old purple chunky, probably Bernat Softee Chunky, and some purple eyelash in a lighter shade.  There wasn't much of the chunky, so it's a single loop scarf.  She was supposed to do 1 st on each edge in garter stitch, though that wasn't quite enough for the curl (I'm hoping some steam helps).  However, she kept getting distracted, and had a hard time seeing the stitches because of the long fun fur, so she's actually reversed the stockinette stitch many times throughout the scarf, causing the edges to curl one way, then the other.  It's interesting.  She wants to sell it, but is having a hard time coming up with a "business name" (so she can get tags made too).  Something like "Classy Giraffe Scarves" but I told her not to limit herself with "scarves".  This weighed 58gr.  Now she's working on one that has black chunky yarn, and a mid-grey fun fur.  It looks awesome.

Dark purple bunny--37gr; light purple bunny--18gr--pink bunny--20gr

No weight on the dalmatian yet, or the crocheted cup holder mitt, or the MK cupholder mitten set.

Did buy a ball of yarn for the Dalmatian...120gr "Luv Baby" by Georga--Walmart brand.  It was $3.92 and will be a good staple in the stash--a bright white, very soft, it says 22st on 4mm, but I'm using it double stranded on 3.5mm, LOL!  A "percentage of all proceeds" will be donated to the Children's Miracle Network.  Doesn't say how much!

I was hoping to have some other projects finished up so I could add them to the totals.  However, I've actually unravelled some items this fall, LOL, so now what?  I had made some pumpkin hats years ago that were odd sizes, and some of the newsboy caps I made last year were really too little.

Yarn In:  120gr + 9363gr = 9483gr
Yarn Out: 189gr + 6669gr = 6858gr
Balance: 2625gr  MORE brought IN then out
Costs:  $3.92 +  $482.20=$486.12/336 days = $1.45/days 

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