Monday, December 29, 2014


Yes, another post today!  Want to keep up to date at the end of the year.  I had to get some yarn for orders, even though they won't be finished by the end of the year, I did get the yarn this year...

Three balls of Red Heart Soft, $3.49 each...$11.83, 113gr each = 339gr.  The client is really stressing that they want it soft.  But chunky.  It has to match the picture on the pattern.  The designer used Red Heart, which is NOT soft and luxurious feeling!  I thought I might use LionBrand WoolSpun but the gauge was a little off, though it would have that chunky look (maybe a bit too chunky), but the pattern has some details that I need to copy exactly and I don't want to improvise.  The Red Heart Soft is very soft, and machine washable...but then I was realizing that because of the unusual shape of the hat, hand washing will be the better I could go with a much better yarn---at a yarn store though...I'm keeping my options open right now.  Yarn is returnable!  I did buy a ball of Woollike in white for the Pocket Unicorn I'm going to make...and then realized that I was going to use the Pocket Dalmatian yarn.  So I returned it.  The other yarn was two more balls of Cozy Wool in ...."Mushroom" for a client who is friends with the lady that ordered five teddy hoodies!  127gr times 2 = 254gr, $13.54.  Michaels' was having a big yarn sale, which meant I couldn't use the awesome 30% off entire regular price order.  I love those coupons, they don't happen often, and usually I'm buying only sale items--which aren't 30% off.  I've even asked in the past  if they could be rung through at regular price so I could use the coupon...but no.

Yarn In:   593gr + 9483gr=  10 076gr
Yarn Out:  6908gr
Balance: 3168gr  MORE brought IN then out
Costs:  $25.37 + $486.12= $511.49/347 days = $1.47/day

Well.  I was hoping to keep it under 10 000gr for the year.  I could return one ball of the Cozy Wool, and use the leftovers from the other hoodies, in stripes....nah.  And I was hoping to keep it under $ was close...if only I hadn't gotten this hoodie order!  LOL!  

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