Monday, January 05, 2015

Toothless #2

...AKA "Clawless".  Oops.  Didn't have him finished before we left for my family Christmas party, and I forgot to pack the crochet hooks to make his claws!

 Not the greatest pictures.  It was COLD and I wasn't really in the mood to go hunting nice spots to photograph.
 This time, for his eyes, I took a piece of the reflective strand from Red Heart's "Reflective" and made a line in his eyes.  When the light hits it, it glows!  I wasn't thrilled with the eyes in general though.  Rushing a bit.
One thing I did this time that helped was to carry a piece of contrasting yarn up at the start of the round and at the half way point (I was doing Magic Loop).  The start of the round is the belly.  I was hoping this would make lining up the wings and legs quicker, and it did, though one front leg is either higher than the other or maybe it was longer, or maybe I'm too picky.

He was very well received though, and that's what matters!
 See the glowing in the eye?

She hugged him for a long time :)

I don't have an exact weight on him yet.  However, the first Toothless weighed 150gr, so I'm going with that.  Edit:  I just made another one, the same, and it weighs 218gr.  I'm going to call them at 200gr. My mother says I should include his totals under 2014, since he was supposed to be done for Dec 27, but the party was delayed till Jan 2.  But he wasn't done...and by making this the first project of 2015, I start the year on the negative side :)

Yarn In:  0gr
Yarn Out:  200gr
Balance:  200gr more USED than Bought
Costs:  $0

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