Thursday, May 07, 2015

That's How I Roll

I have had one ball of Plymouth's  "DreamBaby DK" in my stash forever.  I bought it at Georgetown Yarn  probably between 2001 and 2005.  I used some in white for a newborn set, I think for Megan in the fall of 2005, but somehow, once I washed wasn't quite so nice anymore.  So this one 50gr ball has been languishing in the bin forever, it seems.

I had come across a newborn crochet dress/top pattern called "Baby Girl Sleeper" though it's not a sleeper/onsie or anything.  I took a screen shot of the dress pattern, and at some point opened it in my Safari browser on the iPad.  I kept that darn tab open forever, and finally crocheted the top.  Then I decided to try the diaper cover since I had a bit left over and I thought a diaper cover would be handy since the top seemed too short for a dress.  I didn't like the crocheted diaper cover pattern, so I closed the window, ripped out the cover, and tried again.

For the second attempt, I decided to do half double the round.  Sounded smart, no?  Well, I was at the point to do the leg openings, and I realized, looking at the inside of the cover, that working back and forth in hdc was going to give a different look than the top part done in the round!  Ooops.  Rip!

Started again, with plans to seam the sides.  It was going okay, but I wasn't sure about sizing so I tried to open the original pattern again.  It seems suddenly the pattern is gone from the internet.  Gone.

I didn't think I was going to have enough yarn, so I thought maybe a knit cover would be better, as it uses less yarn, and the different fabric would be a nice change.  I just went with the gauge on the ball band, and got started, planning on 12" around  and using my standard diaper cover pattern for guidance.  Except that my standard diaper cover is designed to go over cloth diapers.  So it's not really all that helpful.  I kept working away till I was almost done the yarn.

Decided it was not big enough--it seemed to come out at about 10.5", and of course, stretching the width shortens the length, blah blah blah...

So I decided to undo the scalloped bottom edge of the top and use the yarn from the diaper cover to extend the length.  I know it won't get too far, but I don't want any yarn left over!

My mother-in-law was over and saw the yarn going to the dress from the cover and couldn't believe I'd do that.  I didn't tell her about the other 2 or 3 attempts I had made already LOL

When I started the dress I wasn't sure I liked the way the yarn works up.  The colour runs are very short so there is a lot of blending, and crocheting really blends a variegated yarn.  It looks so different worked up in stockinette stitch.  I can't say I'm in love with the yarn in either format, but I'm just glad to finally make something, and maybe it will sell.

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