Tuesday, July 07, 2015


I know I've been saying for awhile I had some headbands to post about....but I finally got some pictures!!

I think this one started it.  I know my niece likes pinks and orange, and I made a water bottle holder out of this, some old Bernat "Cool Crochet" cotton blend.  It's from http://www.myhobbyiscrochet.com/2013/08/thread-headband-free-pattern-and.html

It was pretty easy enough. The scallops sort of flip up though. 

I think this one was next.  It's from http://cre8tioncrochet.com/2013/09/queen-annes-lace-headband/
I used an OLD Kroy 4ply sock yarn.  I think there's a typo in her Step 3.  She says she likes to do 16dc instead of  14, but then Step 3 doesn't work out.  I found I actually needed to do 12 dc to make it lie flat.

I do notice though, that her's have more of an interlocking look, where as mine are "this side and that side".
Then I moved on to this one:

It was linked to from the first headband's pattern, but really, the pattern didn't show up well, so I thought just doing DC would also work.

This sparkly blue one was just double crochets. Nice and simple.

A lighter blue one, like the first one.  This yarn was too soft though.  

I really wanted to make this one:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/442900944581218438/  but the pattern isn't available anymore (or at least, not on it's own).  So, I set out to create my own.  It was going well with the swatches, and then I choose this yarn.  

It wasn't doing what I wanted, and I realized the flowers were too close together.  So I tried a solid colour.  Much better.  I think it needs a very delicate yarn though.

I tired again with white cotton, but it was too bulky I think (even though this was probably a sock to sport weight)

At some point, I made another one of these.  This is a #10 crochet cotton with a silver thread in in.  No beads.  Very crisp and delicate!
A bulky, textured purple yarn for another simple one.

Another Queen's Ann Lace, with very small blueish beads.. Or maybe they were clear with silver on the inside.  It's amazing how different the beads look once you put yarn through them.  This was a very thin coned yarn that I'd use on my standard gauge knitting machine.  Thinner than #10 crochet thread.

Another one similar to the  very first one.  I changed the scallops a bit and added a plastic clear bright pink bead in each.  It's a very fuzzy fake mohair (I used it for the Lilac Sunset Sweater last summer).

And one more simple one, in the Neapolitan yarn.

This is all of them, except the Neapolitan one.

 Edit to add:  I'm getting rusty at blogging!  I thought I was forgetting something in this post.  I was!  My yarn balance sheet!

Yarn In:   2876gr
Yarn Out:  106gr + 4399gr = 4505gr
Balance: 1629gr more USED than bought
Costs:   $139.55/188 days = $0.74/day

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