Friday, September 18, 2015

And Sew, a Week Passes

I had hoped to have something to show by now.  Last week was the first week of school and of course, it evaporated as quickly as summer did.  This week also went Pouff! and disappeared.  On Monday, this week seemed like it was going to last forever.  I had lots to do, places to go.

What have I done?

Well, I did walk to school/work several days, I did do a lunch time skate, and all the other stuff I usually do.  Add in that my daughter is skating one more session each week (four sessions a week now, plus off ice, and assisting at the beginner classes), and that band started up, and that my son got a job that requires being driven there and back (very late)...

I have been working on two "pillow beds".  Made in patterned fleece, each will hold three pillows.  I haven't shown and WIP pictures started off looking like a 1.5m x 1.4m piece of fleece, and it doesnt' look much different now.  Just folded in half, a zipper down one side, and a strap with a snap.  I have posted a couple pictures on Instagram if you use IG.  I WILL show the final result soon.

Knitting?  Still working on those Christmas stockings, crocheting a slouchy hat, and I've got a few other orders to start.  I went from nothing, to enough to keep me busy for week, all in just a couple days.  Crazy.

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