Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ready for Some "Aaaahhh!"?

I haven't made too many newborn photography props lately.  I don't know...there seems to be a trend towards recycled/upfashion type props.  I did get an order though for a few items and got them off to the photographer yesterday.  I can't wait for her pictures!

She commented on a grey bonnet and pant set, but that was custom dyed yarn and I wasn't planning to dye anymore.  I told her I had a little grey bonnet already done (small fib--it just needed the ties), and she liked it.

I can't believe I had this sitting in my drawer for soooo long, and all it needed were the ties!

The yarn has a nice texture to it, and pink and blue slubs.  I have no clue what the yarn is, I think it was a thrift store find.  This hat weighs in at 23gr.

She wanted a cream, gender neutral set like the grey one I did for Jenna Faye Photography.  The gray was cream Patons "Lace" that I dyed.  I sent her a photo of it, plus another no-name ball of fuzzier cream yarn.  She picked the fuzzier cream one.  As soon as I started knitting with it, I realized it wasn't really all that soft.  Once it was done, I turned the items inside out, and with small scissors, cut off all the halo on the inside.  Then I soaked it over night in hair conditioner.  Much softer now, but it's still not the softest thing I've made.  The set weighs in at 74gr.

She also wanted a brown mohair bonnet.  I did not have any brown mohair!  I tried blending a few yarns together, but it didn't have that "aaahhh" factor.  So I did one up in Patons "Divine".  I love this yarn.  I don't know why they discontinued it!
 Because of all the texture and already being bulky, I made it plain.  It weighs in at a whopping 19gr.  I could knit a lot of these with my Divine stash, LOL.

We were going out, and to a store just two doors down from Soper Creek of course I took advantaged and stopped in to look for finer brown mohair.  I found a basket of Nashua "Creative Focus Kid Mohair", and that was the only brown mohair in stock.  A little thicker than I would have liked, but very soft.
I had a few problems...getting the right stitch count, keeping track of what I was doing.  Ugh, ripping out mohair!  It did turn out a smidge small, but babies come in all sizes.  And it's stretchy.  It weighs 18gr. I let her have her choice of the two brown ones, and she chose this one.

So nice making quick baby items again!

Yarn In: 3975gr
Yarn Out: 134gr + 5463gr = 5597gr
Balance:  1622gr more used UP than brought in
Costs:  $ 204.82 /301 days = $0.68/day

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