Monday, November 30, 2015

Yarn In

Oh boy.  I've gotten a lot of yarn lately!  Hope I can remember it all!

Here's a Wal-mart receipt.... "Yarn $4.97".  Ummm.  Another Wal-Mart receipt:  "Yarn $4.47, Red Heart Yarn $5.00, Yarn $3.47".

I have four balls of yarn I can remember buying at Wal- Mart.  One has a $5.00 sticker.  Red Heart "Boutique: Swanky".  A cool shiny yarn with large sequins.  Unfortunately the lady I bought it for doesn't care for bling.  Still a cool yarn but now it has to go into the stash.  100gr.

There is also Bernat "Premium", 198gr; Bernat "Satin" 100gr, and Bebe Luv "Fashion" 120gr.  Wal-mart Total comes to 518gr, $20.16.

And then there was the trip to Michaels for yarn for mermaid blankets.  Of course, two weeks prior had been their big yarn sale.  :(  Got six balls of Homespun, 170gr each, $5.99 each, and a ball of Craftsmart "Value", 141gr, $1.99.  Total for this trip, 1161gr, $42.86 used to be when you used a 40/50% off coupon at Michaels, it was taken off the highest value item.  I see on my receipt it came off the Craftsmart yarn (original price, $3.99).  Not nice, Michaels!

I still need probably another 6 balls of Homespun.

Yarn In: 3975gr + 518gr + 1161gr = 5654gr
Yarn Out: 6584gr
Balance:  930gr more used UP than brought in
Costs:  $ 204.82 + $20.16 + $42.86=$267.84 /334 days = $0.80/day

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