Thursday, January 07, 2016


My youngest kid, Megan, figure skates.  We've never given a gift to her coach(es) and I always feel bad!  This year I decided it was time, and those reversible 4 Way Fingerless Gloves would be perfect!  So we picked two yarns.  Megan wasn't really happy with the choices, but that's what I had.  I did a swatch, did the math.  And got sick.  And the math lied.  Really, it did.  I got one done, but I just couldn't bring myself to finish the second one.

The charcoal is Zara again, and the other side is plated.  One strand of an acrylic mohair from this project .  Mmmm, reading that post, I'm wondering where the rest of the Paton's "Sequins" in purple went!  That would have been much better!  The other side of the plating is two strands of a bright violet coned yarn (I happen to have two cones); I used it also for Megan's legwarmers.  I have it written down which yarn went in which feeder...we surprisingly liked it with the colourful mohair NOT the main yarn.

Megan did most of the knitting.  Though I had to stand there since the cones were too close to the machine and kept getting hung up, plus there's markers to be placed and tensions to change.  

They somehow turned out too small.  Plan B.  Well, there was no plan B, except a Christmas card that said "my mom is sick and your gift will come next week" LOL.

After making the fingerless gloves on the Singer 327 I knew I wanted to make them for the coach.  But I had no fuchsia or purple sock yarn that was "acceptable".  I had some wool I just bought and the fuchsia was deemed perfect.  I tried it on the 327, but while it would knit fine in rib, the Fisherman Rib was too much for it.  And the label says it's aran weight!  I already had gauge info for it on the LK150, so back to it.  Feeling better by this point, I re-worked the pattern for the LK150 and did a thumb gusset by increasing at either side, but no FR.  The cuff did take a little while to latch up, but the hand and FR goes fast, so don't be intimidated!  It's been too long since I've done mittens on the LK150 and I forgot that I hate this thumb gusset, but oh well.  Guess I wasn't feeling as better as I thought :)
It would be really easy to do either a thumb gusset in the middle of the knitting (yes, moving about 19 sts on each side over, every two rows), or add a thumb gusset after like I do in my other mittens on the LK150.  Totally forgot!
Other than the thumb, I LOVE these mitts.  I really, really need to get my new SK155 ribber set up.  Oh?  I haven't told you about that yet?  That's what I was waiting for back in early December, and it deserves it's own post!  Again, the total for these mitts were already included in last year's totals; the first pair weighed 67gr and this pair is 61gr.

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