Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Size 4-6 Circular Knit Mittens Pattern

I've mentioned before I'm a lunch supervisor in a kindergarten class (once outside, there are three classes, or about 80 kids!).  A couple years ago I brought in a small bin of extra mittens--mostly ones my kids outgrew or didn't like.  So many kids wear those thin stretchy mittens and gloves and they just don't work when they're playing in the snow.  I really prefer as much wool content as possible, though these ones are knit in Patons "Decor" which is only 25% wool.  I would recommend more wool though.  The gauge of that yarn is 20st/4" on 4.5mm needles, for comparison to substitute.  I use long circular needles and the "Magic Loop" method.

Size 4-6 Mittens (Circular)

35gr worsted weight wool blend
4mm circular needles or double point needles
Gauge:  20st/4" on 4mm needles.
k2tog:  Knit two stitches together

Gauge is not terribly critical--kids' hands come in all sizes.  You just want to make sure the fabric created is not too loose.  The denser, the better.

Cast on 30 stitches, in a stretchy cast on.  

I use the "alternate cable cast on".  A tutorial can be found on the Woolly Wormhead page.  She suggests working one row flat, but you don't have to.
If you use the alternate cable cast on, you will make P1, K1 rib.  When you look at the cast on, you will see that every other stitch sits "forward" and looks like a knit stitch.  Knit those, and purl the others.

1x1 Rib for 18-20 rows (2 1/4").

Change to stockinette and knit one round, increasing one stitch at the end of the round.

Shape Thumb Gusset:
Knit across 15 stitches.  Place marker, inc, K1, place marker, knit to end.
I increase by lifting the strand between the two stitches and placing on left needle, twisting it, and knitting.
Knit 2 rounds.
Knit to first marker, inc, knit to second marker, increase.  Keep the marker after the 15th stitch and before the last 15 stitches (increases happen "inside" the markers).  Knit to end of round.
Knit 2 rounds.
Knit to first marker, inc, knit to second marker, inc. Knit to end of round.
Knit 3 rounds.
Knit to first marker, inc, knit to second marker, inc.  Knit to end of round
Knit 3 rounds.
Knit to first marker, inc, knit to second marker, inc.  Knit to end of round
11 stitches are between the markers.

Knit to marker, remove marker. Slip stitches to the next marker onto a scrap length of yarn.  Remove second marker.  Knit to end of row, cast on one.  Backwards loop cast on is fine.

Work in stockinette stitch for 1 1/4" inches (about 9 rows).  Should measure 3 1/2" from top of ribbing.  Thumb gusset measures 2 1/4".  

Work one round, decreasing 3 sts evenly, so 28sts remain.

Shape Top:
Knit 5st, k2tog.  Repeat around (four decreases total).
Knit 1 round.
Knit 4st, k2tog.  Repeat around.
Knit 1 round.
Knit 3st, k2tog.  Repeat round.
Knit 1 round.
Knit 2st, k2tog.  Repeat around.
Knit 1 round.
Knit 1 st, k2tog.  Repeat around (8sts left).
K2tog around.  

Cut yarn tail, thread onto blunt needle, and take through loops (continuing in the direction you would have knit).  Go through a second time.  Poke needle through centre and take to inside.  Tie around one cross strand ("stitch heel") inside, and weave in the end.

Pick up stitches from scrap yarn onto needle.  Cast on one (beginning or end of round, doesn't matter).  12 stitches.
Knit 1" (about 6-7 rows).

Shape Thumb Tip:
K2tog, K2, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K2.
Knit 1 round.
K2tog, K1, K2tog, K1, K2tog, K1 (6sts).

Cut yarn, and finish like mitten top.  
Weave in end from start of thumb, making sure to close the gap at base of thumb.  Weave in end from cast on.  Knit second mitten.  Donate to your local kindergarten class!

Note:  I highly recommend Ann Budd's "The Knitter's Book of Handy Patterns".  You are free to knit these and do whatever you want with the finished items.  If you share this pattern, please share it as a link to this page so that Ann Budd still gets credit.  Do NOT copy and paste and do not use my picture(s) as your own. I encourage you to check out her books.  

Yarn In: 0gr
Yarn Out: 35gr + 1110gr= 1145gr
Balance:  11450gr more USED than bought
Costs:  $0

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