Wednesday, April 27, 2016

One More Bag!

I enjoyed sewing Megan's slouch bag and could see many ways to customize it.  My mother usually carries a larger black leather-look purse and stuffs it with a lot.  I thought it might be nice for her to have something different.  Still large and stuffable, but just to change it up once in a while.

I went through my fabrics, and picked out this rayon wrap skirt with dragonflies.  For the bottom of the gusset, I wanted something that would be durable and not show dirt too quickly.  This side is a textured black; the texture is striping.  In order to get the stripes to go across the straps, I had to piece it, but with so much else going on, that's not a problem.
 I decided I wanted to add a water bottle pocket on this side.  I used the pattern pieces from the seat organizers.  That pattern has it topstitched to the organizer, so I had to use my brain to make it lined, sewn  into the side seams, and with an elastic at the top.   Luckily, the gusset piece is the perfect width.  It doesn't hold a large water bottle, but my mom usually goes out with a small one.  It does seem a bit bulky, but I think with the purse filled, it'll feel better.  Also, since this is reversible, this will keep the water bottle upright inside the bag when worn the other way.  Bonus--I think this way (elastic at the top) will be a great way to make my water bottle holders more adjustable!
 For the inside, I chose to recycle a test muslin.  I couldn't get a piece large enough after taking it apart, but I don't think the seam is bad.  Rob thought it felt a bit "old ladyish", but um, Mom isn't young, and is an award-winning gardener! I went subtle with the zipper, luckily it was also in my stash.  For the bottom of the gusset, I went with a brown cord.  I actually had two brown cords (and a brown twill) to choose from!  I also had a pale pink cord that looked lovely with it, but not too practical.  The top of the strap is a beige crinkle fabric, which once upon a time had been a babywearing wrap.  Megan and I picked a lot of wild blackberries with that wrap!
 The side has a narrow pocket on the gusset.
 The inside of the pocket is also a little more subdued this time.
I made the straps the length the pattern suggests for an adult, but my ends weren't very good, and even cross body, they were way too long.  I cut them down, tapered the ends a bit (I've seen another hobo bag pattern where the strap narrows in where the knot is to be tied).  I've been thinking about adding snaps to the straps to keep those ends down. many?

Even though Megan's bag went to together easy-peasy, this one didn't.  I don't know if it was because the rayon was slippery and the cutting wasn't accurate, or what, but the joins of the curved tip of the body to the strap, took quite a few attempts, and even re-cutting of the black fabric.  And of course, once or twice I managed to not have pulled the surrounding fabric out of the way and it got stitched in!  Ooops.  I really took my time with this, thinking the process through, and the little extra features.  I think it paid off!

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