Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Messy Buns!

So, shortly before Christmas, Facebook and the internet got blown up by a photo of a lovely "messy bun" hat in subtle jewel shades. Ponytail hats are nothing new, but this time, the opening was smack dab at the top, for buns and high ponytails. I let people know I would not be taking orders before Christmas but I'd look into it for after Christmas.  One of my Christmas clients wanted one and then asked for a "work sock" style one.

Not a lot to say about this. I used some left over Charisma from the Azel pullovers, and the white is two strands Impeccable, the red is mystery wool. Crochet from the opening downwards, I did use a hair elastic at the start so it could stretch over a bun. Speaking of which...like my wig head's "bun"? LOL. A ball of brown mohair!

I had originally started this in a worsted weight yarn but it just wasn't looking right. After quite a few attempts I ditched that and had this made up almost instantly. Sometimes I love crochet.

Yarn In:    11 123gr
Yarn Out: 67gr + 10 995gr = 11 062
Balance:  61gr more bought than used
Costs:    $501.62 /366 days = $1.37/day

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