Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Something Totally Different!

What? Yes, it's a mitten. Yes, I post about mittens nearly every week.

But this time, I did two colours per row instead of stripes! I wanted a thicker fabric, but not the hassle of needing a Fair Isle chart.

My first concern--increasing for the gusset. Keep it in pattern, or....just simple stripes. Then, decreasing for the top. I opted to keep the decrease lines in one colour, though on one side they're brown, on the other side, they're pink.

Then the thumb. I figured the only thing to do is continue the vertical stripes. 

The mittens are nice and dense, especially after washing. They are not, however, bigger than the other mittens which was one other goal. Many kids say the other wool mittens are too small--but I think it's because they're used to the big ski mittens.

The first girl to wear these mittens went digging in the frozen sandbox.  I nearly cried. But she was happy and her hands were warm, so that's what matters!

I didn't have them quite finished for Dec 31, but the intent was there :)  I also bought two more balls of Charisma for another "work sock" hat. I wanted to wait till after Jan 1, but it was on sale for $2.50 a ball!

Yarn In:   200gr + 11 123gr = 11 223gr
Yarn Out: 36gr + 11 062gr =11 098gr
Balance:  125gr more bought than used
Costs:   $5.65 + $501.62=$507.27 /366 days = $1.38/day

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