Monday, May 29, 2017


I always say how much I love knitting these large bears (and how much I love knitting the small bears!). But I really DO mean it! I absolutely love knitting these bears, especially after refining the pattern to be knit in the round. I also don't do the knitted nose like in the original pattern (by Jean Greenhowe). The yarn is Paton's "Divine" which is perfect for the bears, but sadly, they discontinued it. I don't know why!

 I love the pile of bear parts before stuffing. New meaning to Build a Bear!  I also have a photo of trying to sew the inner top leg to the body. It's kind of awkward sewing a bear's crotch.

 The face gets sewn last. I felt this one had a bit of a sad look to him.

 Yes, this was back when we had snow, mid-March. I was concerned about having enough brown so I did his paws in black. I was also going to do his belly in black but I was doing it in the round and it's just not that easy to visualize. As it was, I did have enough brown.

 He got a sweet blue boy as he's going to belong to a new baby boy.

I'm not the only one who loves these bears. Someone had to give him a snuggle test. He passed! Then I had to hide him LOL.

The bear weighed 234gr and the bow was 13gr.

Yarn In: 1642gr
Yarn Out: 247gr + 1655gr = 1902gr
Balance: 260gr more USED than bought
Costs:   $40.73/149 days = $0.27per day

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