Saturday, June 03, 2017


Recently my mother gave me a pair of flannel pajama pants that had side seam pockets. Holy cow, I did not know I needed flannel pajama pants with side seam pockets! No wonder people wear them to Wal-Mart. But the weather was warming up, so what else to do? Make pajama shorts with side seam pockets and matching top! I haven't had matching pajamas since my last kid was born.

I found a pink bedsheet (Izod) that I had used for an awesome dress for Megan many years ago. She still mentions that dress. I still want one in my size. I also had a large piece of pink flannel I had bought even longer ago, for making diapers. Matching, without matching.

Of course, when you're using thrifted fabric, or leftovers, pattern layout can get interesting.

 Plus, I needed a waistband for my shorts, because I was using my self-drafted pants pattern rather than the simple foldover casing on every pair of pajama pants/shorts pattern out there.

 When I chose the shorts length, I, um, just picked a length and cut across. Apparently, this is not how you do it. The side seam and the inner seam were different lengths. So they ended up shorter than I planned, but they're actually not short at all. The elastic I used is too "soft" and I had to tighten it up. I didn't want them tight, but I'd prefer to not have them fall down. I didn't use a drawstring like the pants, and the pocket facings and pocket bag are all one piece (or two pieces, one for front and one for back. I don't remember). This was much faster than the blue pants with a separate pocket bag. I didn't do as much topstitching either, and not even the fake fly. I do wish I had kept the fake fly. It really ups this from "make your own pajamas shorts" to "I can sew a fake fly on pajamas if I want to".  For the top I just zig zagged the hems. Already I've had to tie off threads where they broke and should re-hem this before we go to a family reunion cottage week vacation this summer.
Again, no top stitching around the neck. I've realized though that the neck hole is big enough that I could probably do a simple straight stitch, either in the ditch or just off. No fussing with the twin needles. There is a bit of that front drooping of the neckband. I don't know if I'm just kind of flat there or if the neckbands are too loose. The shirt is 100% cotton so the stretch and recovery isn't the greatest. This picture was supposed to show my friends that I really don't look as good as the other selfies I posted that use the "beautification" filter. They say my skin is killer. Not bad for 46!

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