Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Promised, and Delivered

I let my youngest, Megan, tag along on a trip to Fabricland. We were looking for many things, including potential bathing suit fabric. Right below the bathing suit fabrics was this bolt of teal athletic fabric. Not as thin or "mesh" like as the stuff I had bought previously for diapers, but it still looked nice. I told her that I would be buying the membership card in a couple weeks and then I'd be able to get the fabric after that. I'm sure she kind of thought it would never happen. Often we put things off with her, in the hopes that she'll forget about it.

Well, I did get the fabric, and decided to make the New Look 6735 t shirt for her. She doesn't yet have an adult figure, but her measurements are still a bit on the larger size. I opted for a cheater SBA. I angled the front piece on the fold, so the neckline would be smaller, which in turn meant the hip area was bigger. Since I had had a bit of floppyness around the neck, I hoped this would help too.

I could not determine which direction the fabric should go. It just didn't seem to have much stretch in either direction. In the end, I think I got it wrong. This is a solid shirt.

 The front isn't too bad, but the back...
 Talk about pooling. There is so much extra length in the centre back. I don't know how to fix that yet.  Her head looks like it's glowing because she is wearing a stretchy headband made from reflective fabric. I think it's awesome. I'm not sure where she got it.

She then asked for old socks. Why? To make an easy, DIY, no-sew armband to hold her iPod. C'mon Megan, we can do better than an old sock! We wanted it really stretchy, so I pulled out this bathing suit fabric, which just happened to match her new work out shirt (she has been going to a weekly teen class at the town gym), as well as her iPod (which sadly, is unreliable).
 I was thinking it would be like a tiny infinity scarf, folded over, and top stitched for the slot. The first attempt, I couldn't seem to wrap my head around it. I don't know if I stitched the wrong sides, or just didn't carry the idea all the way through, but I couldn't figure it out. So I slowed down, and tried again. It boggled my mind, but then suddenly, there it was! She loves it.
Just realized I haven't blogged about the first t shirt I made her from this pattern, as a sort of muslin. Which really didn't make any difference since this fabric is so different.

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