Thursday, June 15, 2017

Utility Sewing

I do a lot of utility sewing. Fixing backpacks, mending crappy made store bought clothing, etc. Sometimes I get to make something non-clothing but still utilitarian. Like these hair towels. I have had one for years, and the button recently broke in half. I was still using it, but it was clear I needed a new one. I knew it would be easy to sew, but where to get the fabric? I buy microfiber cloths for cleaning, but they aren't big enough.

I was browsing through Value Village, and this brand new microfiber "towel" caught my eye. Sure, it's bright pink. But it was plenty big, and only $2.99. Bingo!

I got to work. One I just serged the edge, the other one used the sides of the towel. The serged edge one is a little more homemade, but I don't care. I used plain white snaps because I didn't want to use my more expensive engraved snaps that would have actually matched.

I still have plenty of the fabric left, at least enough for one more, maybe two. They work very well. As I was putting away the leftover fabric I saw the tag. It's labelled as a "yoga towel" which was interesting because we had been taking a beginner yoga course and the teacher suggested going to Winners to get a yoga towel to put on the mat to stop slipping. I can only guess how much they are at Winners!! Even if I pay $15 for one, and can get 3 hair towels, that's still cheaper than buying them new. Just went off googling....yikes, they're pricey. The one I bought was very thin, just like the microfiber cleaning clothes.

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