Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Test Project

I got an inquiry one night asking if I could make a onesie from a t shirt. I haven't made baby clothes, and at first I was skeptical. I started googling and came across some patterns. Like you find so often, they were of varying quality. One pattern didn't have the crossover shoulders but used the t-shirt neck. One pattern had legs. One pattern you had to import the pictures of the pattern into a word processing program and print them. One didn't have sleeves. Most patterns were too big for what the woman was inquiring about. I ended up using the pattern pieces from HERE and instructions from everywhere.

 The front piece cut out. Isn't it cute just like this? My son had a pile of clothes he was giving away so I found this t-shirt in that pile. It's a little thicker/less stretchy than the onesies I remember, but this was just a test.
I wasn't sure how to finish the crotch. Most of the patterns didn't really show it. Some folded the inside piece to make a hem, but I couldn't figure out how to make the ends of the binding look nice against that. I also didn't want the snaps to go through the binding. I used some interfacing on the inside to beef up the area with the snaps. Of course, none of my snaps looked good and were perhaps a little big. I think doing a band instead of binding would also work. I think the sleeves are a bit stiff. There's not much stretch in this shirt, and I wanted to use the actual hems so they couldn't be much shorter. Babies are flexible, I know. I do like the using the neck band from the t-shirt. That worked well!

This was pretty much a quick and easy project. Unless you have a cheap source for t-shirts though, there's no profit. I was looking at Value Village and the men's shirts were around $9.99. How much would someone pay for a onesie?

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