Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sequoia Pants

Remember last spring when I made...wait a minute. No, it was summer 2017?! when I started making my own pants? The third pair I made, I tried to slim the legs down, and I wasn't all that pleased--the inner leg seams aren't straight. But I had three pairs of work suitable pants--I just didn't know I was starting a new job in December 2018! LOL! Then, in Jan 2018, Itch to Stitch released the Sequoia Pants/shorts.  Take my money!! I still needed a pair of grey pants! I just couldn't find the right fabric--grey fabric always seems to be too heavy. I made a muslin out of a steel blue sheet, and LOVE them. My only issue was for my width, I'm not very tall, so the full width of the pant leg was perhaps just a bit too wide. It's a fine line between balancing your width, and balancing your height. I tapered them down a little for this pair.

SOOOO many pattern pieces. Quite a few for the waist alone, but I decided to just do a knit band with no snap or button, like I had done on my first pants I made without a pattern. I do a faux fly.

I was getting desperate to find fabric. Finally Fabricland had their broadcloth on sale, so I just went with that. The weather was warming up, so I figured I might as well. I liked the colour. They are on the thin side though.

Washed the fabric, and laid it out to fold up. That's when I noticed that a good portion of one half of one side appeared to be faded!!! The broadcloth is near the front of the store, but I didn't think much light came through the window display. Maybe the bolt had been used in the window display at some time. Who knows. I was going to go back and complain, but I was too busy. Since it seemed to be on one side only, I used that as the wrong side, and cut as much as I could from the other end of the fabric. It did help to keep the RS/WS noticeable.
It's a little hard to see, but you can see a line going up the middle, and to the left of it, the colour is yellowed.

 I told my photographer I wanted pictures of the pants, and the shirt. I'm sure I said the back of the pants. This is what I got. The back fits great, I think.
 Look at all the pockets!! No gaping with the slanted pockets!
 A little slimmer than the other ones.

So, these pictures are crap. LOL. Maybe I'll get more.
I didn't have plain grey snaps. I had Transformer engraved grey snaps. So, the exposed snap caps got Transformer snaps, because I thought that was pretty appropriate, considering the hidden ties to make these into capris. I went and bought cheap buy expensive snaps at Fabricland for the hidden caps, and the other parts of all the snaps (the engraved snaps only come with caps).

So, I do love these pants. The rise feels a smidge low, so after sewing in the waistband, I wore them a while. Then I noticed the seam had split. I hadn't serged the waistband and pants together yet, so I went around and serged them together and I'll take out the original seam for a bit more rise. I like the narrower legs.

My only complaint...the pocket flaps. My phone fits well in the pockets, but I can't snap the pocket flap. The phone is too tall. If the flap was higher though, then it wouldn't be long enough to reach the pocket snaps. Making the flap bigger is not going to look right for proportions. So, I'll have to make the pocket longer, and make sure it all fits together for the next one. But my phone is a bit on the larger size. An Apple 6 would probably fit fine. My Asus ZenPhone and Samsung A5 don't fit.

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