Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Beware the Quiet Times, #13, 985

Uh huh. When will I learn? LOL. That's a box of pancake mix. Thankfully it was almost empty, and you know how that little flap on the opening gets pushed in? What I can't believe is that she went back for seconds. How can that be tasty? Cooper cleaned it up, and then drank half a dish of water, LOL. I have many pictures of Huey in the same sort of situation. You'd think, that by #3, I would know better!
(That top she's wearing was a dress for Lucy when she was a newborn, but I couldn't find it when Megan was born. When I did finally find it, I thought it might work as a top and it does. She's half dressed because Huey and Jonathon--boy next door--thought it'd be funny to take her clothes off. I didn't bother getting her pants back on--good thing cause they really didn't go with the top!)

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