Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A link

I normally recommend people go to Rev. Jan's site to find out more about babywearing and making your own slings/pouches/wraps/other crafty things (check out the drop down menu under "About SBP"). However, a link was posted in the Yahoo Slingsewing group for other pouch sewing instructions. I took a look, and they look good. Isn't it wonderful that many 'for profit' sling makers provide DIY instructions? Babywearers are wonderful people!
This website also has a celebrity gallery of babywearers. However, don't look at any of the Gwen Stefani pictures. It's nice to see she's not using the rediculous $700 Gucci Bjorn anymore (isn't it stupid that the Bjorn is usuable only when babies are quite small, but that's also when their hips and pelvis is most susceptable to longterm trauma?), but someone needs to teach dear old Gwen that you need to spread the sling OUT on the shoulder! You shouldn't need to hold on to your baby at all while they're in a sling!

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