Thursday, March 01, 2007


Just when I thought all was getting better....That's the exact same spot that just got cleaned on the weekend! And because I couldn't imagine that anything more could come out of such a tiny body, I started to leave the room carrying her...

I suppose it doesn't look too bad now. First the dog helped clean up, then this morning I vaccuumed the dry bits. But last night? Oh MAN was it GROSS! All over me, down the front of my V-neck shirt, stuck inside the little frontal bit of my underwire bra...But hardly any on Megan! This all happened at 7pm and then she slept good until 4:15, but after that, she wouldn't give in. She laid there with her eyes closed, her fingers working the holes of the lace baby blanket. Back and forth from the crib to the futon, to downstairs, back to the futon (like the 'landing pad' I improvised in the middle of the night?). Today, she is pretty crabby (and so is her Mommy!).


There is a sweater I'd love to make for Rob, from an older issue of Interweave Knits. A basketweave, oversize, zippered neck, rugged thing, made in Classic Merino. I even have enough Classic Merino. BUT. Rob doesn't like sweaters, knitting it won't turn him into the rugged, axe-wielding buff lad in the photo, and I don't even have a gentle cycle on my washing machine--and no laundry tub upstairs where the laundry is. There's no way I'd put Classic Merino in the machine I have now unless I want it to felt.

Don't you hate it when you want to make something, have the stash for it, but NO reason to knit it? Sure, baby stuff, hats, mitts, they can go in the gift box (or craft sale box), but a sweater made with $70 of feltable wool? (Of course, I DID NOT pay $70--I went to the Spinrite Tent Sale, LOL).

And then there are the things I want to knit, and maybe even have the stash for, but I know won't look good on me, at least right now. I could knit them now, but what size?

Maybe this is why I like to make baby stuff, and socks, and things. I'm not committed to the size/shape I am; it's hard to get commited to a project for it. Oh, I can't wait!! On Monday I go see the plastic surgeon! And then I know more :)

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