Thursday, June 14, 2007

Evil Magic Loop!

And now for some knitting!

See that on the left? The strand going up is the working yarn for these toe up socks. I had mentioned before about giving Magic Loop a try. The big issue for me was that I don't have a lot of circular needles under a 3mm, but that's what I needed for these. Previously, I had started the socks with dpn and switched to Magic Loop one the toe was all increased. This time, I couldn't find the dpn (ie--I didn't want to get off the couch to find them), but I had a 3mm circular needle in my bag from when I had tried the other of this pair using two circulars. I did the magic figure 8 cast on from realized I had no working needle. So I found the dpn and started. But very quickly I realized that the points of the circular were going opposite ways. Slide one side onto the dpn (I had only gotten one), and kept going. Same thing again. I kept going, sliding the sts to the other end of the circular, or onto the dpn, and finally got it so I could do the Magic Loop. Well, I could do it if the cord of the circular had been long enough!!!

So, I switched projects and picked up my Step socks. I did a short row heel, and while it is better looking than the other one of the above mentioned blue socks (it has the most hideous short row heel I have ever seen), it still looks untidy. I never noticed this on Lucy's socks, or my other socks. Then I read Wendy's blog and see she's put her toe up; heel flap sock instructions on. But I've already started the leg so I don't want to rip back. I decided to do a cable pattern, I don't think I've done that on socks. Get to the round to do the crossings (3 to front, k3, k held 3; didn't want to try it without a cable needle), and had no cable needle on the couch with me. Being the lazy sort, I grabbed a dpn from a set in my project bag that wasn't being used. I knit a couple rounds and then realized I couldn't tell which was the dpn I had been using as a cable needle! My needle gauge does not have every metric size--missing the ones that don't correspond to the US sizes, so for those little sock dpn, it's hard to tell if it's 2.75mm or 3mm? Oh well. I still haven't gotten out to get some new blonde hair dye!

As for yesterday's, ongoing issues...more on that later, I've used up my allotted 30 minutes, LOL. Time for other things ;)

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