Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An Apple a Day!

This little gem is an apple for Lucy's kindergarten class. Each week they make a collection of something, and this is apple week. Back in May, at the Georgetown guild, we were each given a mystery ball of yarn, and told to 'make something.' I knew most people would make a hat or scarf. The yarn was the exact weight, fiber content, and even colour as a pattern I have for a toddler neck pillow made to look like a caterpiller, but I needed two balls. So then I had the big idea that I could knit an apple for the collection!
Complete with a little red worm! Advice? Never stuff with polar fleece scraps if you need to be able to get a needle through it (like, to dimple the top of the apple). Even Rob couldn't do it. So I had to pick it open and find the real stuffing, and try again. It's a small apple, and I have lots of yarn left, so what else should I make?


Cindy G said...

Oh how cute!

Cheryl-lynn said...

That was the cutes little idea.