Friday, November 23, 2007

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear....

Or wuz he a clog? LOL. The standard Fiber Trends felted clog pattern. I used one strand of Lopi (not the 'Bulky' or the 'Lite'), and 8mm needles (don't think I have 9mm) and made the Ladies' large size. My gauge was smaller though than what the pattern says, and they don't give pre- or post-felting measurements. But as an example of how big they are pre-felting, here's Megan last December modelling the lastest winter fashion--the unfelted clog hat!I tried to put them in my lingerie bag, but they were too squashed and I didn't think they'd felt, so they were free floating, along with Huey's jeans, his Crocs, some sandals, and a plastic ball. I know Lopi felts very furry.... But I was a little surprised when I opened the machine, LOL. Fuzz everywhere! Memories of the YarnHarlot's Mr. Washie come floating back....this is a new-ish machine, certainly not built like Kenmores were 30 years ago!

I scooped out as much fuzz as I could several times. Here's your Knitting PSA of the day...after collecting a pile of fuzz on the edge of the washing machine, DO NOT OPEN the lid during the spin cycle!
They took one wash/cold rinse/one more wash to felt (and were a touch on the smaller side).
I had only one ball each of light and dark grey, so I made the inner soles light grey. My scale needs a new battery, but there is not much left of the dark grey.

They're still quite fuzzy, but not as wild looking as when they were wet! These will be going in a gift exchange game one side of my family does. Everyone is so different, it's hard to know what to put in. Last year, my mom got an XXL bathrobe....she's barely a L!

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