Friday, February 22, 2008

Not Christmas, but Winter

Argh. I asked Rob to download the recent pictures off the camera card last night and he did, but he started at one picture newer than the picture I actually wanted. So I wonder if that picture is hiding in some folder somewhere.

This is the 'winter' dress I made for Lucy and Megan. I was going to do a Christmas fabric, but thought they'd get more wear out of a winter fabric. Well, they've worn them to the two Christmas parties, and that's it! Lucy wants long sleeves.
Same pattern as the Hallowe'en dress. These ones actually have the button sewn on though!

This is a diaper cover to go over fitted diapers, made using PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric) and FOE (fold-over elastic) binding. I'm not getting a snap press, so I used very wide hook & loop tape. It's too big, but works good. I've since made two pocket diapers (a cover with an inside lining--one velour, one microfleece--with an opening to put in soaker pads), and a fitted flannel diaper that I'll show later cause I did something really neat with it. I do still knit! I'm just doing lots of little things like mitts, hats, finishing up old stuff....I've got two 'big' projects on the go that I'd like to finish up (okay, one is barely past the first couple inches), but instant gratification is calling me :)

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