Friday, April 04, 2008

No Kittens in this House!

I often say that I never actually lose things. They might get misplaced....often for very long periods of time, but rarely is something gone for good. I was just beginning to think that my plum stripey mittens were gone for good though. I half expected to see someone around town wearing some cozy plum mitts, LOL.

Then, on April 1st---April Fool's Day---I parked in my usual parking spot about a block from the school. The snow was finally melting back from the curbs. As I was getting Megan out of the truck, I noticed something plum coloured in the snow. At first I thought it might be my other tipless glove (the ones that got lost at Wal-Mart), but I quickly realized it was my mitt. I looked around but couldn't find the other one. I got the kids, and had Huey look around. He is VERY good at spotting things (unless you say "Look at the giant white cruise ship on the small blue lake" LOL). He noticed that there was a mitt inside the mitt in the snow! They were very much stuck to the icey snow. We tried again on Tuesday to get them out. The snow had melted all around the mitts, but thanks to the wonders of wool, they were stuck to a patch of ice, LOL. On Thursday, Huey was the only one wearing winter boots, and he was able to kick the ice blob free from the dirt. I've left the mitts on the front porch, but the ice hasn't melted off of them yet (it's shady). I think a gentle wash and they will be good as new. We had some snow today, but hopefully that is it!!

To my non-family knitter on the link to my other blog to see what Megan did!

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