Thursday, July 10, 2008


Just like the pink dress, the purpley socks, and the striped elephant, this next project was also "Gotta do it now". I had seen on a sewing blog where a lady took some old sheets and made simple, casual pants. She loved them, and likened them to 'wearing your bed all day'. When I was redoing our bedroom in April, I got a bag of linens from Freecycle, but there wasn't much I could use. There were some pretty sheets that I thought would be great for 'wearable muslins' or even a pair of these pants. I made the first (and so far, only) pair of pants out of one of these sheets. The colour is just like medical scrubs, and the fabric is a bit....stiff. I had thought about making a skirt instead (so they wouldn't feel so scrubs-like), but I don't think there's enough drape.

The reason I chose this sheet was for the 'bleach' stripe at the top end, and it had a nice deep hem that I could use as is! I actually measured myself this time, and found that I didn't need to shorten the legs!!!! However, the rise? I had to shorten that quite a bit!!! I used wide, non-roll waistband elastic, which is quite comfy. The rise ended up being a smidge too high, so instead of taking out the elastic and the casing, I folded it inwards and stitched it down. Now the rise is a smidge too short in the front over my post-babies belly.

I do not look good in elastic waist pants. To get the fit over the belly, I have too much on either side of the belly, but just taking in the hip seams is not the answer (too little over the belly; too much in the sides equals out like a math equation). The belly rise needs to be a bit longer to compensate, but truth is, I really don't need the extra gathering around my waist (OMG, that's the first time I didn't type it as wasit in a LONG time). But if I used darts, I'd have to use a zipper and that negates the easy, loungy construction/feel of the pants. They also fall pretty much straight down from my widest part, just like Stacey and ....what's his name....tell women to do, but there's a lot of fabric around my ankles, LOL. I have pretty decent legs but you sure can't tell from the photo! (I put the camera on the bathroom counter and used the self timer. Perhaps a different angle would have been a little nicer?!).

BTW, I made these back in May. Probably the May long weekend, or Mother's Day. Still a little behind in posting!

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CatBookMom said...

Trying to fit pants on a real-life tummy or hips is always 'trying'! But for jeans there's no place like I found some $50 +/- jeans at LLBean through Zafu, the best fit I've had since I was young and size 5.

I like your new lounging pants. Wish I remembered how to sew.