Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Megs

I wanted to post pictures of the new wool diaper soaker I knitted so ladies in the soaker knitting group can tell me how to improve it. But there were so many cute Meg pictures that I just had to post them too! I know I should put them over on my other blog, but tough, they're here now!

This is my first "Curly Purly" soaker (the name is from her blog name). I haven't added any leg cuffs/bands yet; I wanted to see how it fits. There's a little extra bulk in the front...esp. considering she's a girl, LOL. I think I need to start the leg holes a little higher and cast off a few more sts (I had added a few extra stitches to the body, but all sizes cast off 5 for the leg holes, so I just cast off 7 to get rid of some of the extra sts).

I love this picture, even though she's not wearing the best outfit. It's not often that I get to do something with her hair!
Sibling high-jinxs while on a road trip. That's the "throw up bucket" on her head. Look at how white her blankie is!!
This is half a tin of 'frozen' blueberry Fruitopia, a few minutes before it was time to take Huey to school. Oxy-Clean to the rescue!!

Since Huey had a butterfly-release party at school, Meg has been fascinated with butterflies. This is her using her/Lucy's Cinderella skirt to make butterfly wings!

This is a pretty dress I made for Lucy on the KnitSmart, Summer 2005 when she was 2 1/2.This is Meg, now 2 1/2, in that dress.....gee, a little short!This is Megan last November, in the same dress. Gee, think she's grown? LOL.
This is Lucy and Rob on their first 'Co-Pilot' ride. We bought the Co-Pilot from the neighbour to try to help Huey learn to ride a bike. He was so excited to get it and try it, but then wouldn't get on it.
Gotta go, I think Meg has the bag of cherries on the couch and is eating them. She thinks you need to eat AROUND the pit....


CatBookMom said...

A small one eating cherries on the couch = need more Oxyclean!! Do you use the spray or mix up the powder? It's currently my stain remover of choice, even though sometimes things need to soak overnight.

Cute kidlets!! Always fun to see them, Tracy.

smariek said...

I've never thought of using Oxyclean on the carpet. I'm sure I'll have many opportunities to try it.

I've been avoiding cherries, there'll either be a mess or the seed may become a choking hazard.

That dress has held up pretty well over the years. I mean, that white section is still white!!!

That Co-Pilot bike looks really cool!