Monday, July 28, 2008

Sew....What's New?

Due to Meg growing faster than Lucy, Lucy is having a dress shortage issue. I like Meg wearing dresses right now because she can go diaperless but still look dressed. Until she does sumersaults on the front lawn. Anyway, she is much more successful with the potty if she has nothing on......not even underwear! So, I let Lucy choose some fabric for a new summer dress. The one she chose had been bought to make a sling to sell/donate/give away, but no one has wanted one yet :(

This is the same pattern I've used for all the other dresses, but sleeveless. I had to go buy 7/8" single fold bias tape. We went to Wal-Mart first, and they had only a couple selections in single-fold, and none were the right colour AND the right size. So I went to FabricLand, but didn't take my package. Somehow, I changed 7/8" into 5/8" but all they had was 1/2" (most actually had no size given) and I knew 5/8" was close to 1/2".....ended up getting a burgandy colour like the really thin outline details, and the great gals at sewing forum helped me figure out what to do. Lucy wanted really narrow shoulders, but I didn't want to change it too much for the first time. It ended up perfect, even though I was just guessing at how much more to trim back the armhole. I like the bias tape, although the selection is crappy, so I bought a gizmo to make my own!

It's a stretch cotton so I actually made a size smaller than her Christmas dress. I think.

I recently wore my rayon flowered dress that I made for the cruise last October. I'm a little self-conscious in it. The pattern gave 4" of ease for the top, but being the shape it is, I knew that was not a good idea! As it ended up, the back was too big and I had to modify after it was done. I don't mind the front view (taken last October):

but the view I see worries me:See how much bigger I am on my right side? I was before the reduction too, but now that I'm smaller, being unequal seems more obvious. I don't like how the fabric gapes away from me. It's like the left cup's right edge (where it goes under the other side) should be snugger under the bust, and the right cup, especially, should be bigger. Bigger cups, smaller bodice?This is what other people see, I think, LOL. I'd like it to cover more and fit my boob better. When I wear that pink 'Infinity Dress' made with knit interlock, it molds to my bust. Am I being overly self conscious? I'm pretty short, so I think others are looking down my top, seeing what I see, LOL! (OMG, what's that extra roll beneath my bust?!)


Annabeth said...

You are looking fabulous in floral summer dress.

Maria said...

Great job..! Handmade dresses always look beautiful and comfortable.